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Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award

The purpose of these awards is to recognize and honor 1) a chapter that has made and sustained innovation and diversity in chapter programs, resourcefulness, effectiveness and support for the community in carrying out the goals of the IPMA-HR and 2) a chapter that has shown the most improvement or progress in one or more evaluation areas.  Two awards of $300 each are granted by the Eastern Region – one in each category described above.  A Chapter may win in only one category per year.


  1. Innovation and Diversity in Chapter Programs: Describe your most significant Chapter-sponsored meetings and programs, and/or provide a synopsis of each, including the number in attendance.  Provide any information on special ceremonies or events which occurred at one or more of the scheduled meetings.  Also describe any special conferences which the Chapter either hosted or co-hosted with other professional groups/associations.  Please indicate any "firsts" for the Chapter.

  2. Resourcefulness in Publicity and Marketing: Describe actions taken to market Chapter activities or attract new members to the Chapter.  These may include preparation of brochures/informational literature, use of print or video and/or use of membership drives.  Please include the total membership for the year of nomination and the year immediately preceding such nomination.  Please indicate how these efforts have differed from those used in the past.

  3. Effectiveness in Operations: Describe the Chapter's organizational structure and provide a copy of the Bylaws.  Provide a copy of the annual report/summary which is distributed to the Chapter membership.  Provide information including the number of IPMA members who have become affiliated with the Chapter.

  4. Support for Community Activities: Describe your most significant community service activities which the Chapter participated in or sponsored and provide copies of any media coverage provided at these activities.  Provide information on scholarship, professional exchange or internship programs sponsored by the Chapter.  Please indicate which of these where "firsts" for the Chapter.

  5. Other Information: Provide information on any other unique or special features of the Chapter's operation or membership.  This may include information on Chapter members who are active in the Eastern Region or IPMA members who are currently serving on national committees.

Nominations are to be limited to no more than three (3) single spaced typed pages and must reflect activities associated with the last full program year. (Note:  for the 2022 awards, the last full program year is 2020 - 2021).

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