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Schedule at a Glance

Eastern Region 2018 Schedule At-a-Glance

I Love Feedback

Paul McMurray

Insight Management Consulting

Dispatching the Bull: What New Science can tell us about Teamwork

John Kolm, Cory Lutz and Amanda Biller

Team Results USA

The Power of Accountability: Driving Ownership at Your Government Agency

Cindy Maher & Jamie Guite

Leading Edge Coaching & Development

Harboring Inner Strength When It's Chaotic Outside

Sandra Crowe, MA, PCC

Strategic Shift: Optimizing HR's Impact Through Shared Services

Kimberlyn (“Kim”) Bauhs, NOAA and Lucy Melvin, Deloitte Consulting

Leadership Transitions in the Public Sector

Valerie Gill

US Dept of Health & Human Services

Developing Leaders at All Levels

Kristen Dunn Thomason

National Institutes of Health

Creating a Safe Harbor: Workplace Violence Prevention & Response

George Daniel, Architect Capitol

Susan Reider, Smithsonian Inst.

Megan Skidmore, NIH

The Importance of Cultural Leadership

David B. Ritter

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Strategies for Addressing Disengagement in the Public Sector

Jonathan Lappin, MBA, MSM

National Institutes of Health

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